8th Ulm Actuarial Day

presented by University of Ulm and Institute of Finance and Actuarial Sciences (ifa)

With the University of Ulm and the ifa Ulm, Ulm is an internationally leading center in actuarial science and its applications with a high degree of integration of education/training, research and its application.

Program of the 8th Ulm Actuarial Day

For the 8th edition of the Ulm Actuarial Day the University of Ulm and the ifa Ulm Ulm Actuarial Day are presenting in-depth presentations on different topics of the actuarial sciences. All presentations will go live here on actuview on 16 March 2022.

A note on the quantitative requirements for risk-mitigation techniques and the “Basic PEPP” for pan-European Personal Pension Products (PEPP)
Alexander Kling

Asymmetric Information and Longevity Risk Transfer
Benedikt Schultze