Second RGA Knowledge Day

Welcome to the 2021 RGA Knowledge Day, hosted by actuview.

In this special event, subject matter experts from actuview sponsoring partner RGA share timely insights and in-depth information in a series of webinars on the latest in:

  • Medical advances and therapeutic opportunities
  • Efforts to improve mental and physical wellness
  • Influencing consumer behaviors and current economic risks / rewards
  • Insurance companies and corporate responsibility

The list of presentations and speakers is below, and all are on demand through the month of December. Speaker biographies will be provided soon.

Medical Advances and Therapeutic Opportunities

Liquid Biopsy Technology and the Impacts on Insurance
Panel presentation featuring Daniel Zimmerman, MD, SVP, Head of Global Medical; Andrew Gaskell, VP, Global Actuarial Pricing and Research; and Heather M. Lund, MBBCh, Regional Chief Medical Officer, Asia

Liquid biopsy technology is increasingly used in many areas of clinical medicine with its greatest success currently in the field of oncology. This informative panel discussion examines both the positive and challenging ways this technology impacts the insurance industry.

Dementia and Healthy Life Expectancy – Government Initiative and Insurance Products in Japan
Presented by Kazunori Hashida, Executive Director, Head of Product Development, Japan

Japan is one of the most aging societies in the world, having the highest proportion of elderly citizens of any country. Dementia is a significant problem and the main contributor to the 10-year difference between healthy life expectancy at birth and actual life expectancy. Learn how the Japanese government has been tackling dementia; how insurance companies are bringing dementia-related products to the market; and what these could mean for other countries.

The Doctor and The Actuary – Collaborators in Insurance
Presenters Daniel Zimmerman, MD, SVP, Head of Global Medical; and Chris Falkous, VP, Senior Biometric Insights Actuary

Are actuaries or medical directors better for predicting how the environment and new medical technologies will drive mortality and morbidity trends? Why not use both? This presentation demonstrates an effective working model, with examples, for engaging the skills and perspectives of both disciplines in research and for short, medium, and long-term planning – even for extreme scenarios.

Efforts to Improve Mental and Physical Wellness

Digital Mental Health: Emerging Trends and Implications for Insurance
Presented by Erin Crump, VP, Business Initiatives

Digital mental health is another emerging trend with implications for insurers and the products they write. Case studies from around the globe will show you how digital mental health is helping close the treatment gap and improving access to mental health services, often at lower costs than traditional treatments, and how these tools are affecting the customer journey from engagement to claims management.

Wearable Data Proposition for Health Insurance
Presented by John Rutherford, SVP, Head of Global Health

Can wearable devices deliver meaningful health data throughout a consumer’s health journey? This presentation offers the latest from RGA’s experience and research, including the correlation between wearable data metrics and healthcare utilization and expenses. We will also explore promising applications as well as the potential challenges and solutions wearables bring to the digital health environment.

Influencing Consumer Behaviors and Current Economic Risks / Rewards

The power of predictive moments for engaging consumers online
Presented by Peter Hovard, Ph.D., Lead Behavioural Scientist

Online distribution is creating new opportunities for insurers, but even this fiercely competitive market faces the traditional challenge of consumers reluctant to address the needs and financial risks of their own mortality. RGA Lead Behavioral Scientist Peter Hovard shares behavioral science research and neuroscience techniques that show how positioning products in the right online contexts can make consumers more receptive to insurance messages. Insurers can leverage these “predictive moments” in their marketing by embedding relevant digital experiences that awaken consumers’ needs for life insurance – and make them more likely to pay attention to persuasive messages.

Life Insurance in the Gig Economy
Presented by Jared Godwin, Business Development Actuary

Increasing numbers of traditional workers are seeking the flexibility that a Gig Economy offers. COVID-19 has only accelerated this growth, and life insurers are starting to notice this rising and underserved market. What are the risks and rewards of engaging with this emerging market?

Insurance Companies and Corporate Responsibility

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategies in Insurance
Presented by Matt Blakely, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

There’s a competitive advantage for companies who are more transparent in showing how they operate ethically, support their employees and communities, and how they care for the environment. What does this mean for the insurance industry? Explore where environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues overlap with existing considerations for insurance companies; familiarize yourself with the alphabet soup of frameworks and ratings; and see how 45 major insurance companies are managing and promoting their environmental pledges.

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