Join us for the second annual RGA Knowledge Day on December 8

Leveraging RGA’s global leadership in life and health reinsurance, this year’s Knowledge Day event includes an exciting lineup of presentations focused on trends, risks and opportunities in life insurance, wellness and corporate responsibility.

Insights packed into eight webinars will uncover key emerging trends and their potential impact on insurers, consumer health and the broader market:

  • Learn about screening, diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities – as well as advantages of medical directors and actuaries working together.
  • Investigate how companies are promoting physical and mental wellness. Identify
  • efforts to shorten the gap between “health life expectancy” and “life expectancy”.
  • Discover the risks and rewards of the gig economy, how digital sales models can use “predictive moments” to positively influence consumer decision making, and the importance of promoting your company’s environmental, social, and government profile.

Stay tuned to actuview for details on this upcoming event including RGA’s presentations and speaker profiles. Go to the event page