Call for Papers for the 2nd Congress of Actuaires du Monde

Actuaires du Monde members, the international actuarial community and other academics, experts and professionals who are interested in financial inclusion, social protection and social security are encouraged to submit a paper to the 2nd Congress of Actuaires du Monde Dakar 2023, scheduled on 2 & 3 May 2023.

Our knowledge, our expertise and our use of volunteers can contribute a lot through the development of financial inclusion in developing and emerging countries with majority of population living with less than 2,15 USD/day, low access to financial services, low financial institution account ownerships, low access to loans, people facing financial hardship for daily risks and old-age, low insurance coverage and lacking efficient social protection. We believe that actuarial science and actuaries have a valuable approach to considering and solving problems serving public interest, in particular with respect of the topics defined below.

The theme of the congress “Promoting financial Inclusion” will be addressed through a series of plenary sessions, parallel workshops, keynote speeches and group discussions designed to identify and leverage key trends of actuarial, social and economic research and new technologies related to financial inclusion, to provide each participant with knowledge and expertise to serve social and financial development.

Topics that could be covered:

  1. Financial inclusion topics including financial literacy building and sensibilization
  2. The role of actuaries in financial inclusion
  3. Inclusive finance: creative microcredits
  4. Microinsurance for women, young people, smallholder farmers and rural
  5. Microinsurance for NMSMEs (Nano, Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises)
  6. Micro Pensions for workers from informal and rural sector and universal health
  7. Technology and financial inclusion (mobile banking, mobile insurance, …)
  8. Regulations for inclusive insurance, insurance laboratories and sandboxes
  9. Inclusive Insurance and finance, the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and ESG challenges (ESG: Environment, Social, Governance)

To assist the Scientific Committee in planning the program, authors are kindly requested to complete the “Expression of interest submitting a paper Form”, attached here with and returns it by closing January 1, 2023 to to the email address