German association elects Max Happacher as Chair

The hybrid general assembly of the German Association of Actuaries (DAV) on April 27 elected Dr. Max Happacher as Chair of the Board for the next two years, and Susanna Adelhardt as Vice Chair, by a large majority. Participation was possible both in presence and via live stream. „I am very pleased that the actuaries of our association have expressed their clear confidence in me with this election as Chairperson of the Board. We continue to grow dynamically and can now count to around 6,300 members,“ said Max Happacher.

Dr. Happacher emphasized right away that he will pursue clear goals for his two-year term. „It is a particular concern of mine to bring the competencies of the German Association of Actuaries as an expert organization even more strongly into the social discourse. The DAV’s claim is to be perceived as an association with deep professional expertise and to be involved in opinion-forming and decision-making processes as an advisor.“ The DAV’s technically well-founded expertise has long been in demand among authorities, associations, representatives of the press, as well as politicians. Insurance and financial topics play the most important role.

But the DAV is working much more broadly. „We see ourselves as responsible for all sectors in which questions concerning valuation models, long-term forecasting models, and those of risk management are addressed. I would like to establish and promote this expansion of our communicative horizon and the exchange with other social groups, especially associations beyond the insurance industry,“ said Dr. Happacher.

In addition, further strengthening the public’s awareness of the actuarial profession is an important concern for his term in office. This goes hand in hand with continuous professional development. Dr. Happacher said, „The profession is facing new tasks and topics, such as the increasing importance of actuarial data science. We will anchor such topics more firmly in our training and align our continuing education system with these goals. This will be an important point for me during my term of office.“

Dr. Herbert Schneidemann is moving into the role of Past President after two successful years in office. Vice-chair and therefore president-elect, will be Susanna Adelhardt, an expert in the field of pensions. New members of the Executive Board are: Dr. Helmut Aden; Dr. Clemens Frey; Dr. Matthias Land; and Dirk Stötzel.

For more details, find the DAV’s press release on the election here (German language).

All recordings from the hybrid Annual Meeting of the German actuaries will be available from June 9 here on actuview.