Female expertise on actuview

Today is International Women’s Day! 💐

In celebration of this special day, we are proud to showcase the remarkable contributions of women in every field of actuarial practice and science. The following videos represent a selection of the TOP10 videos by actuview’s female speakers worldwide over the past year, highlighting the expertise, innovation, and leadership that women bring to the actuarial profession. Join us in recognizing and celebrating their invaluable impact as we honor their achievements!

  1. Bridging the Gap Between Pricing and Reserving with an Occurrence and Development Model for Non-life Insurance Claims, Katrien Antonio I The IAA Sections
  2. Finance and Investment Committee Annual Forum – Insights into Artificial Intelligence, Biodiversity, and Fiscal Sustainability, Daragh Burns, Niamh Moloney, Ashley Oerth, Michelle Murphy l Society of Actuaries in Ireland
  3. AI in Insurances: A Revolution or a Threat?, Karina Schreiber l CERA Global Association
  4. Datenbasierte Sturmmodellierung, Carina Götzen, Anja Schmiedt l DAV/DGVFM/IVS Germany
  5. Construction d’un modèle de Machine Learning interprétable pour la tarification en assurance non-vie, Markéta Krúpová l Institut des Actuaires
  6. Future Impacts on Mortality, Eva Odenkirchen l Gen Re
  7. The European Actuary No 35 | Developing Strategies for Natural Catastrophes FULL INTERVIEW, Marie Scholer I Actuarial Association of Europe
  8. Premium Control with Reinforcement Learning, Lina Palmborg l The IAA Sections
  9. International Women’s Day Event – The role of self-awareness and self-belief in creating equity in the workplace, Nicola McGuinness I Society of Actuaries in Ireland
  10. Trends in Bancassurance, Leigh Allen I Reinsurance Group of America

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