Top 10 most-viewed videos from 2020

Each year always ends with year-end reviews and rankings, and we do not want to change this tradition.
So, here they are – the top 10 most-viewed videos on actuview in 2020:

  1. "What the World Will Look Like Post-COVID-19"
    Olav Cuiper (Executive Vice President, Head of EMEA, RGA), Dr. Graeme Codrington
  2. "Research Brief: The Impact of COVID!"
    Annie Tay, Matthew Edwards, Max Rudolph, Christian Levac
  3. "Prospects for COVID-19 Medicines"
    Ivor O’Shea (SAI Healthcare Committee)
  4. "Opioid Mortality Trends"
    Vincent Prange (Actuarial Assistant, RGA)
  5. "Modeling Infectious Disease Outbreaks 2020"
    Eric Westhus (Data Scientist, RGA)
  6. "Strategic Uses of Reinsurance"
    Erik Pronovost (Associate Actuary, Structuring, RGA)
  7. "KEYNOTE | Live Session | Without Actuaries, AI Is just a Meaningless Buzzword"
    Frank Schiller (Munich Re)
  8. "Soft Skills: The Actuary's Better Half?"
    Caroline Grégoire (CG4)
  9. "Plenary Session “Digital Ethics” | “Strong European Actuaries” Voice in Digital Ethics Discussion"
    Falco Valkenburg (AAE), Lutz Wilhelmy (AAE)
  10. "Opioid Prescription History Analysis"
    Nick Kocisak (Senior Actuarial Assistant, RGA)

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