CERA Global Association on board

The CERA Global Association (CGA) is a global organization comprising 21 actuarial associations accredited to award the Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA) credential to their members. CERAs are actuaries trained in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and are therefore highly specialised and sought-after experts.


The CGA Chair Nick Dumbreck answered a few short questions about the association’s engagement with the actuview community:



actuview: Why did the CGA become an actuview content partner?
Nick Dumbreck: The CERA credential is a great example of what can be achieved by international cooperation; in the 10 years since the CGA’s formation, it has been awarded to more than 5,500 actuaries in 21 actuarial associations worldwide, all to a common high standard. But we are keen to increase both the number of CERA holders and the number of awarding associations. actuview provides an excellent platform for showcasing the work of actuaries in risk management and generating interest in the credential, as well as making it easy for us to share relevant content.

actuview: Which topics can actuaries expect to be addressed in your contributions?
Nick Dumbreck: Over time we hope to cover a wide range of risk management topics, many of which are applicable well beyond the fields in which most actuaries currently work. Climate risk, cyber risk and operational resilience are hot topics at present, but the Covid-19 pandemic has raised the profile of a few other risk areas, including those associated with commercial real estate investment.

actuview: How does this new channel complement the activities of CGA?
Nick Dumbreck: The CGA is a global association, and risk management is more international and less country-specific than many areas of actuarial work. actuview’s global reach fits very well with this. But the CGA is an “association of associations”, and in providing content that is useful to actuaries worldwide we are also keen to complement what our member associations are offering.

actuview: What opportunities do you think arise from digital exchange of knowledge in general and especially in the actuarial field?
Nick Dumbreck: The absence of face-to-face professional development opportunities for most of 2020 has made many more people appreciate the value of online events and content – they provide a very efficient, low cost way to keep up-to-date and enable individuals to pick the specific presentations that are most relevant to them. While I’m sure some face-to-face events will resume once the current crisis is over, the online alternative is clearly here to stay. The opportunity to learn from experience in all parts of the world is especially valuable.


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