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Don't miss these seven webcasts recently uploaded to actuview  by the European Actuarial Academy (EAA), the German Association of Actuaries (DAV), the International Actuarial Association (IAA), and the Actuarial Society of Ireland (SAI):

Battersby_thumb.png (1.14 MB)“Understanding the Science of Climate Change”
Abdal Chaudhry (Milliman), Michael Leitschkis (Milliman)

Battersby_thumb.png (1.14 MB)"Epidemiological Update COVID-19: End of Pandemic Already in Spring 2021?"
Dr Achim Regenauer, Dr Florian Gomez

Battersby_thumb.png (1.14 MB)“Enterprise Risk Management and Quantitative Risk Management in Life Insurance: An Introduction”
Prof Ermanno Pitacco (University of Trieste)

Battersby_thumb.png (1.14 MB)“Europas Gesundheitssysteme in der Corona-Krise - ein Vergleich”
Frank Wild (WIP)

Battersby_thumb.png (1.14 MB)“Risks to Water Resources”
Micheline Dionne, Dale Hall, Stephen Lowe, Rade Musulin

Battersby_thumb.png (1.14 MB)“‘Let the sun shine’ – An Actuarial View of Solar Investment”
Michael Marsh (DCU)

Battersby_thumb.png (1.14 MB)“InsurTech Network Centre Carlow – Building a Data Analytics framework”
Dr Greg Doyle (Institute of Technology, Carlow), Aidan
Mahon (Insurtech Network Centre)

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