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“Is Knowledge Power or Ignorance Bliss? Information, Behaviour, and COVID-19”
Presented by Matt Battersby, Vice President, Chief Behavioural Scientist, RGA

We like to believe that more information is empowering and leads to greater well-being. But does it?

COVID-19 is the first pandemic of the information age. People today can access highquality information from a range of sources, meaning it has never been easier for members of the general public to understand the risk any new viral threat could pose to themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. However, many do not seek out or use readily available information.

In this video Matt Battersby will explain why we seek, ignore, or even actively avoid certain information and how this impacts our behaviour. He will argue that the role of information in behaviour change is crucial not just for understanding the pandemic, but also for the life insurance industry to help it sell protection more effectively and improve the health of its policyholders.

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