msg life enters partnership with actuview

msg life, one of the leading IT specialists for insurers, entered a partnership with actuview as a premium content partner for 2020.


Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of msg life, Dr. Aristid Neuburger, tells us about the reasons to join the international network:


actuview: Why has msg life decided to become a content partner of actuview and what impulses do you expect to arise from such a cooperation? 
Dr. Neuburger: We are working with actuview because it gives us an opportunity to discuss our topics and solutions with the international actuary community. msg life is a highly actuarial software company and we are pleased to be able to share our findings and knowledge with experts across the globe and to present new developments and trends.

actuview: Which topics can users expect to be addressed in your contributions at the beginning and who would you like to reach in particular?

Dr. Neuburger: We initially want to concentrate on two focal points. The first is about artificial intelligence, machine learning and (deep) neutral networks as well as their benefits and areas of application in the insurance industry – this is a very important future topic for the industry. For the second focal point, we are planning to address product innovations in life insurance.

actuview: What opportunities do you see for the digital exchange of knowledge in the future, especially against the background of the current coronavirus pandemic?

Dr. Neuburger: The coronavirus crisis is advancing the digitisation of communication in the economy and society. Globally, companies and individuals are forced to communicate and work with each other virtually. The pandemic is making the potential offered by communicating and exchanging knowledge digitally apparent. Digital communication and information channels will continue to be important after the coronavirus crisis has ended. Knowledge platforms such as actuview will increase their reach and become more important.


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