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  • Full VICA program published!

    Today, the full program for Virtual ICA 2018 was finally published.

    In general, the VICA program includes all 5 informative and interesting plenary sessions such as Future of Longevity, Future of Insurance, Future of Low Interest Rate Environment, Future of Mobility and Future of Regulation.

    Several well-known invited guest speakers from both academia and practice will be broadcasted as well and of course the addtitional exclusive content will be also available. The first Virtual ICA 2018 Congress Program gives a comprehensive overview on the VICA program with a list of all life stream sessions and the additional content.

    Download full program brochure


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  • VICA 2018 exclusive sessions published

    The following sessions have been produced exclusively for Virtual ICA 2018 and will be uploaded on this platform in May 2018.

    • Australian Investment Performance 1959 To 2017 (And Investment Assumptions For Stochastic Models)
      Colin Grenfell (SuperEasy Pty Ltd)
      00:51 min

    • Social Discounting
      Sam Gutterman
      00:31 min

    • A Strategy Based Investigation Into South African Interest Bearing Variable-term Unit Trusts’ Performances For The Period 30 November 2001 To 31 March 2016
      Mark Hayes (Curtin University)
      00:29 min

    • The Diversified Efficient Frontier
      Thomas Heinze (Provinzial Rheinland Versicherung AG)
      00:20 min

    • Asset Liability Modeling For Insurance And Pensions Considering Correlations Between Mortality Risk And Financial Risks
      Takayuki Igawa (PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC)
      00:30 min

    • Multi-product Optimization: Challenges And Opportunities
      Drew Lawyer (Earnix)
      00:39 min

    • Daily Solvency Monitoring
      Michael Leitschkis (Milliman)
      00:28 min

    • Proposal Of A ERM Framework For The Analysis And Management Of The Trend Breaks – Application For Biometric And Behavioral Factors
      Fatoumata Ndoye (Institut des Actuaires)
      00:17 min

    • Is Model Risk Worth Worrying About? An Empirical Analysis Of Model Risk In The Case Of Structured Financial Products
      David Shkel (University of Hagen)
      00:27 min

    • A Robust Modification Of The Eiopa Standard For Risk Free Term Structure Of Interest Rates Based On Smith-wilson Method
      Sergey Smirnov (Financial Engineering & Risk Management Lab, Research University Higher School of Economics)
      00:25 min
    • Moment Generating Functions Of Discounted Compound Renewal Sums With Archimedean Copulas
      Franck Adekambi (University of Johannesbourg and CERAF)
      00:14 min

    • Can Decentralised Insurance Work Without Capital Using Sharing Economy Principles?
      Weihao Choo (Munich Re / Macquarie University)
      00:21 min

    • Re-thinking Reinsurance
      Richard Hartigan (Hiscox)
      00:38 min

    • Solvency II And Risk Management On The Base Of An Actuarial Non-life Data Model
      Maria Heep-Altiner (Cologne University of Applied Science)
      00:29 min

    • Detecting Insurance Fraud
      Jonathan Karsenty (PwC)
      00:29 min

    • An Optimal Reinsurance Management And Dividend Payout Strategy When The Insurer’s Reserve Is An Ito-levy Process
      Sure Mataramvura (University of Cape Town)
      00:30 min

    • Insurance in a Changing Climate
      Melchior Mattens (Arcturus)
      00:34 min

    • Cluster Analysis Of 2015 Great Britain Police Reported Single Vehicle And Front To Rear Accidents
      Giulia Padovan (Thatcham Research)
      00:28 min

    • Triangle-free Reserving Vs Triangle-based Methods: An Empirical Comparison Based On Controlled Data
      Pietro Parodi (SCOR)
      00:29 min

    • Automated Construction, Maintenance And Categorisation Of Benchmark Loss Curves Through Bots
      Pietro Parodi (SCOR)
      00:35 min

    • Machine Learning Methods To Perform Pricing Optimization. A Comparison With Standard Glms
      Leonardo Petrini
      00:27 min

    • Feasibility Analysis Of The Reinsurance Secondary Market: An Exploratory Study
      Ziyan Wang (Universidade de Sao Paulo)
      00:18 min

    • Multi-objective Optimization, Metaheuristics And Visual Analytics
      Nicolas Wesner (Mazars Actuariat)
      00:29 min

    • Valuation Of Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefits
      Hailiang Yang (The University of Hong Kong)
      00:32 min
    • Embedding Wearable Health Technology Into The Insurance Industry
      Lisa Altmann-Richer (Bupa)
      00:27 min

    • Disability Dynamics, Care Home Admissions, And Mortality: Evidence Form Two National English Studies To Support Insurance Product Development
      Mohamed Elsheemy (University of East Anglia)
      00:39 min

    • Risk Adjustment Modeling For Medical Plans In The United States
      Jed Linfield (Healthfirst)
      00:28 min

    • Demographic Change And Its Impact On Social Health Plans And Long-term Care Insurance
      Thomas Neusius (Wiesbaden Business School; RheinMain University of Applied Sciences)
      00:28 min
    • Sustainability In Life Insurance-how To Analyse The Dynamics Of Premium Reserves Under A Principle Based Solvency Regime
      Hans-Jochen Bartels (University of Mannheim)
      00:10 min

    • IFRS 17: Presentations Of Revenue And Income Statement Without Premiums
      Luca Bianchi (Aviva Italia Holding)
      00:31 min

    • Does Claim Intervention Improve Disability Income Claims Experience: Analysis Of Impact On Return-to-work.
      Landi Du Toit (UCT)
      00:16 min

    • An Analysis Of The Interaction Of Contracts In A Heterogeneous Life Insurance Portfolio
      Jonas Eckert (ifa Ulm)
      00:33 min

    • Impacts Of Management Actions In Life Insurance
      Estelle Gerondeau (ACTUARIS)
      00:25 min

    • E-cigarettes: A Hazard Or A Help?
      Sam Gutterman
      00:30 min

    • Funding Life Insurance Contracts With Guarantees: How Can We Optimally Respond To The Policyholder’s Needs?
      Peter Hieber (University of Ulm)
      00:28 min

    • Retirement Guarantees – Are They Worth It?
      Beatrice Male (Milliman)
      00:32 min

    • Lifetime Digital Butler
      Kenichi Nogami (Accenture)
      00:20 min

    • The Value Of With-profits For Consumers
      Rosalind Rossouw (Sun Life Financial of Canada (UK))
      00:16 min

    • Stochastic Profit Testing Of Life Insurance Companies
      Li Shen (emLyon business school)
      00:29 min

    • An Alternative Approach For The Key Assumption Of Life Insurers And Pension Funds: Embedding Time Varying Experience Factors In Projection Mortality Tables
      Janinke Tol (KPMG)
      00:34 min

    • Pension Reform In Brazil: Calculating The Distributive Impacts Of The 2016 Government Proposal On The Retirement Benefits Of The National Pension Scheme
      Luis Eduardo Afonso (University of Sao Paulo)
      00:41 min

    • Target Rates Of Return In DC Schemes: A Comparison Of Latin American Pension Systems For The Period 1997-2016
      00:28 min

    • The Impact Of The Demographic Bonus In The Pension Systems Of Social Security
      Daniela Alejandra González Ramírez (Social Security Institute for the Mexican Armed Forces)

    • Mortality Improvements At Older Ages
      Sam Gutterman
      00:27 min

    • Increasing The State Pension Age: Actuarial Involvement
      Martin Lunnon (Government Actuary’s Department)

    • Theoretical Replacements Rates And Vulnerable Groups: The Italian Experience On Injured Workers
      Raffaello Marcelloni (INAIL (Italy))
      00:25 min

    • Socialising Defined Contribution
      Geoff Rashbrooke (Institute of Governance & Policy Studies)
      00:18 min

    • Miles For Retirement
      Fernanda Salas (VITALIS)
      00:15 min

    • Forging A New, Solid Social Security System For Greece: The Nts Proposal
      Georgios Symeonidis (Hellenic Actuarial Authority)
      00:23 min
    IACA (Consulting)
    • Actuarial Data Science – Combine Classical Statistics And Mathematics With Methods Of Machine Learning
      Jochen Stark (IBM Deutschland)
      00:19 min

    • The Sword Of Gaia And Her Trinacria Shield
      Brent Walker (Brent Walker Actuarial Services
    • Professionalism Education In Japan: Methods And Issues
      Ikuo Katayose (Resona Bank, Limited)
      00:21 min
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  • Recommended sessions by IAA AFIR-ERM Section

    One of the partner institutions of Virtual ICA, the IAA AFIR-ERM Section, has recently compiled and published a list of particularly exciting ICA 2018 lectures on AFIR-ERM topics.

    The full list:


    Download flyer

    About the AFIR-ERM Section

    AFIR-ERM has as its primary objective the promotion of actuarial research and knowledge dissemination in actuarial and broader aspects of finance, investment and ERM, to push forward the boundaries of actuarial knowledge and promote and facilitate an international exchange of views, advice, research and practical information among actuaries and other relevant experts.

    Become an AFIR-ERM Section member here!

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  • 4 - 8 June | Follow ICA 2018 live on eight channels

    When the ICA 2018 finally opens its gates in Berlin from 4 till 8 June 2018 in Berlin, the Virtual 2018 will also reach its climax. 

    Broadcasting live from eight lecture halls of the ESTREL convention halls, VICA will make available over 150 hours of high quality actuarial content from many, many international experts. Next to the five outstanding plenary sessions, the online event will also make the presentations of all invited speaker available. 

    But the best part is: You do not have miss a session. All live streams will be recorded and each presentation is available as an individual video the very next day!


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  • Virtual ICA present at the ICA 2018 in Berlin

    From 4 to 8 June 2018 the International Actuarial Association, the global head association for actuarial associations, in conjunction with the German Association of Actuaries hosts the 31st International Congress of Actuaries (ICA 2018) in Berlin. The ICA 2018 is the leading international conference for actuarial science and mathematical finance. With over 2,700 delegates and accompanying persons registered, the ICA 2018 is already today the best attended world congress in the history of the ICA so far.

    Cross-border exchange on current issues and challenges facing the actuarial profession, a high-level scientific program, an entertaining social program and interesting exhibitors from the international insurance and financial industries – the ICA 2018 promises a wide-ranging and fascinating congress experience for all participants. In total, 32 sponsors showcase their products and services as exhibitors at the ICA 2018.

    On the first day of the conference, Masaaki Yoshimura, President of the International Actuarial Association (IAA), and Roland Weber, President of the German Association of Actuaries (DAV), welcomed the exhibitors to the ICA 2018.


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