Two new webcasts from actuview partner RGA on COVID-19

Now available is the webcast:
“Challenges of COVID-19 Mortality Data"; presented by Kishan Bakrania
Health Data Scientist, RGA


COVID-19 mortality data presents several challenges, and it is difficult to compare data efficiently between different countries, particularly when there are issues with differences in data sources and formats, the availability and completeness of the data, as well as the varying definitions of a COVID-19 death. This short talk highlights some of the problems with analyzing COVID-19 mortality data and discusses steps to enable consistent reporting.



Now available is the webcast:
“COVID-19 Mortality Rates by Age and Gender”; presented by John Ng
Senior Data Scientist, RGA


COVID-19 appears to be much more fatal for men than women. Does the mortality difference vary by age? How does it compare to the well-established gender difference in all-cause mortality? Are there variations by country? This webcast highlights standardized age- and sex-stratified mortality data from nine countries and explains some of the factors that may be causing the COVID-19 mortality gap between males and females. Additional insights on mortality rate by age and gender can be found on RGA’s website, here and here.

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