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The International Association of Consulting Actuaries (IACA) was formed following an informal meeting of several senior consultants attending the International Congress of Actuaries in 1968 who, because the business environment for consulting actuaries was changing so rapidly, felt that an international meeting once every four years was too infrequent. The IACA was established as a separate organization and in 1970 started holding meetings every other year.

  Gerd Warnke, chair of the IACA section, has chosen six videos of special interest for consulting actuaries:

“Finance and Process Transformation”, Richard Waller
“Why It Is Good to Have Quality Actuaries”, Jiri Rusnok (Czech National Bank)
“AAE Webinar 'Update On Insurance Topics'”, Lauri Saraste, Kristoffer Bork, Siegbert Baldauf, Matthias Pillaudin
“The Culture and Purpose of the Modern Actuary”, Nyasha Mapolisa (South Africa), Timothy Vieyra (South Africa), Kyle Rudden (Trinidad), Renata De Leers (Togo) and Sam Gutterman (USA)
“Addressing Nutrition, Climate Change and Developing Economies Simultaneously", Cathy Lyn (Jamaica), Mike McLaughlin (USA), Mary McLaughlin (USA), Shubhash Gosine (Jamaica), Biggie Shiriyapenga (South Africa) and Ron Mukanya (South Africa)
“Making Our Voice Heard: A More Prominent Role for the Actuarial Profession in Public Policymaking”, Sherry Chan (USA), Timothy Vieyra (South Africa), Lusani Mulaudzi (South Africa), Barbara DAmbrogi-Ola (Finland) and John Liu (USA)


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