Video recommendations by IAALS

The International Actuarial Association Life Section (IAALS) was created by the Council of the IAA on 19 November, 2005, and officially formed during the 2006 International Congress of Actuaries in Paris. Its mission is to promote actuarial research and the exchange of knowledge in the field of life insurance around the world.

Gunn Albertsen,
chairperson of IAALS, selected four videos currently on actuview that are particulary relevant for actuaries working in life insurance.


Machine Learning in Life Insurance – Searching for Patterns in Cash Flows
Pierre Joos (Allianz)

The Global Longevity Risk Transfer Market
David Blake (Pension Institute London)

Financial Sector Supervision and Its Link to the South African Economy
Kuben Naidoo (Deputy Governor of the South African Reserve Bank)

Guarantees in Germany: Where Are We and Does It Make Sense?
Alexander Finke (ERGO) and Dr Johannes Lörper (DAV)

All videos related to life insurance can be found here.


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