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Created as the first Section of the International Actuarial Association (IAA) in 1957, Actuarial Studies in Non-life Insurance (ASTIN) is a leading, well-established worldwide forum for risk and actuarial professionals in the non-life insurance industry.

The ASTIN Board recommends these videos for actuaries working or interested in this field:


“Elements of Narrow Articial Intelligence in Reserving”
Ortiz Loup (Milliman), José Mendinhos (Instituto dos Atuários Portugueses) and Karel Goossens (Actuarial Association of Europe)

“IFRS 17 for Non-Life (Re-)Insurance”
Dirk Rohmeder (Swiss Re)

“The Actuarial (R)Evolution”
Pierre Miehe (France)

“Predictive Analytics of Insurance Claims Using Multivariate Decision Trees”
Emiliano Valdez (United States of America)

“ASTIN WP on Implications of IFRS on Non-Life Insurers, Products and Markets”
Karl Meissner-Roloff (South Africa)

A full library of videos related to non-life insurance can be found here!


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