Videos from the Czech Republic

Mein Beitrag (13).png (301 KB)The Czech Society of Actuaries was established in the interest of actuarial development in the Czech Republic. It builds on the efforts of the Society of Czechoslovak Insurance Technicians established on February 27, 1919.

On 19 September the Czech Society of Actuaries celebrated their 100 year anniversary with a conference focusing on professionalism, education and the trend topics of the industry. 13 of the presentations and addresses as well as the panel discussion are featured now in the actuview event.

The Actuary in the European Context
Esko Kivisaari (AAE)

Emerging Roles for Actuaries
Karel Goossens (Czech Republic)

Why It Is Good to Have Quality Actuaries
Jiri Rusnok (Czech National Bank)

The Socio Economic Dimension of AI
Jozef Barunik (IES FSV UK & UTIA AV CR)

Actuarial Education Is Our Priority
Petr Bohumsky (Czech Republic)


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