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We want to thank you for sharing your feedback in our actuview user survey during the last month! More than 200 people reported to us on what they think about the platform, what they enjoy, and what they would like to see in the future. These valuable perspectives on actuview will contribute directly to our development process in terms of technology as well as content.

Here are the key takeaways from the survey results:

    • 62% of the respondents visit actuview once or twice a month, while another 31% come by every few months to check out the latest content. And 56% are sure to increase their visits, while only 1.3% want to watch our videos less often.
    • The main reasons for using actuview are general further education (65%), to collect formal CPD credits (51%), to get a taste of new topics (43%), and to search for specific expertise (42%).
    • We were very pleased that 97% of the respondents told us that they find the platform either very good or good, with especially good ratings for the video selection (97% rated it very good or good), the information pages (91% very good or good) and the news section (90% very good or good).
    • In addition, 91.5% of the respondents rated the overall usability of actuview positively. That said, there is room for improvement on the search and filter options as well as an enhanced user profile, all of which one-fifth (20%) of the respondents found lacking.
    • We plan to follow your suggestions for more expanded events with live sessions (45.5%) and improve technical features including alerts for new content and better CPD documentation.

We will incorporate your insights from the survey into our continuous development of the platform to give you the best experience on actuview. Thank you for giving us such a great review and our motivation for the future! Because when asked if you would recommend actuview to your colleagues, an amazing 98% said yes. And here are some other nice comments you left for us:

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