2021 APR | 3rd EAA Week

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From 26 to 30 April, the third EAA Week will present 5 high-class webcasts on trending actuarial topics:


The EAA – European Actuarial Academy GmbH was founded on 29 August 2005 by the Actuarial Associations of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. Its foundation was a response to the increased demand from Central and Eastern European countries for actuarial knowledge. The EAA provides permanent education for (certified) actuaries and consulting on actuarial education. Every year the Academy offers more than 20 seminars and webinars throughout Europe. The EAA strives to become the knowledge centre of European Actuary education.

The next highlight event will be the second EAA e-conference on Data Science and Data Ethics which will be held virtually on  29 June 2021. Book your ticket now!

You can find more information on the EAA, the CERA education and all upcoming seminars and webinars on the EAA's website: www.actuarial-academy.com.