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THURSDAY | 24 September 2020

Challenges Ahead – Which Actuarial Services Will Be Essential?

Where will actuarial knowledge be needed in the future? Which actuarial skills and methods will this include? Which traditional areas of actuarial practice will remain relevant, which will not? Will there be new fields making use of actuarial expertise? Will regulation limit or enhance the profession’s scope?



New Stress Testing Challenges for Insurers
Alberto Ramirez, CRISIL/Colegio Actuarial Mexicano

Actuarial Data Science – What Does This Mean for the Role and Skills of an Actuary in the Future?
Anja Friedrich, Synpulse Schweiz AG

Is n=1 the Future of Insurance?
Andreas Grigull, Systemorph Deutschland GmbH

It is all about Pandemic(s)? New Insights in Mortality and Longevity
Achim Regenauer, Partner Re

Actuary 4.0
Hans-Joachim Zwiesler, Ulm University

New Risk Standards for DeFi
Alex Bertomeu-Gilles, Aave

The Actuarial Conundrum - Will Actuaries still be on Demand in 2120?
Xavier Gomez, Mandelbrot Actuaries & Statisticians SLP

Beyond Theoretical Data Science: Application to Actuarial Work: Moving to a Data Driven Team
Valerie du Preez, Dupro Ltd
Rodwel Mupambirei, Dupro Ltd

Actuaries of Tomorrow
Nathalie Ramos, GALEA&ASSOCIES


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