aoc 2020 - Common Ground

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FRIDAY | 25 September 2020

Common Ground – Will There Still Be One Profession?

What does this digital transformation mean for the profession and the actuarial associations? Will membership grow and become more diverse? And how much diversity can one profession take?



Tonya Manning, Falco Valkenburg,
Chairperson International Chairperson Actuarial
Actuarial Association (IAA) Association of Europe (AAE)
Andrew Rallis, Tan Suee Chieh, Guido Bader,
President Society of President Institute and President Deutsche
Actuaries (SOA) Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) Aktuarvereinigung (DAV)


Episode 5 - Power of Diversity of Thought ... Forging Partnerships with Actuaries!
Cathy Lyn (CAA / IACA), Tonya Manning (IAA), Joanne Meusz (Centre for Disaster Protection)

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