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For the first time, the international actuarial streaming platform actuview will be hosting its own online event in September 2020 – the actuview online conference, aoc2020. 

This yearly conference will bring together stakeholders and experts from the global actuarial community to discuss the latest actuarial topics and more. The event is relevant to all actuaries worldwide and will be as easily accessible as actuview itself.

Under the overall theme “future | actuary”, the aoc2020 will feature a series of sessions on current developments in the actuarial profession and addresses future challenges for actuaries in- and outside the financial industry in the age of digital change.

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The Focus Topics:

    • Machine or Actuary – Who Will Be the Expert? Which tasks will still require human actuarial input in the next decades? How far will Actuarial Artificial Intelligence go? How can we keep an overview with increasingly complex methods & models? Will consulting and controlling be the only remaining tasks for actuaries? Will non-actuaries enter the field?

    • Challenges Ahead – Which Actuarial Services Will Be Essential? Where will actuarial knowledge be needed in the future? Which actuarial skills and methods will this include? Which traditional areas of actuarial practice will remain relevant, which will not? Will there be new fields making use of actuarial expertise? Will regulation limit or enhance the profession’s scope?
    • Common Ground – Will There Still Be One Profession? What does this digital transformation mean for the profession and the actuarial associations? Will membership grow and become more diverse? And how much diversity can one profession take?

    • Future Skills – What will be Relevant Aspects of Education & CPD? What will be the actuarial education (or educations?) of the future? What needs to be changed and what needs to stay in the core? What are relevant building blocks for life-long learning? And how can todays actuaries adapt and stay on top of new developments?


The Speakers:

Guido Bader, President DAV
Alex Bertomeu-Gilles, Aave
Anne-Charlotte Bongard, ETHIME
Pierre Chatelain, addactis FRANCE
Tan Suee Chieh, President IFoA
Nick Dumbreck, Chair CERA Global Association
Anja Friedrich, Synpulse Schweiz AG
Xavier Gomez, Mandelbrot Actuaries & Statisticians SLP
Andreas Grigull, Systemorph Deutschland GmbH
Jeffrey Heaton, RGA
Cathy Lyn, CAA / IACA
Tonya Manning, Chairperson IAA
Xavier Marechal, Reacfin
Joanne Meusz, Centre for Disaster Protection (UK)
Floriane Moy, Milliman

Rodwel Mupambirei, Dupro Ltd
Stefan Nörtemann, German Association of Actuaries (DAV) / msg life
Jonas Offtermatt, Postbeamtenkrankenkasse
Valerie du Preez, Dupro Ltd
Andrew Rallis, President SOA
Alberto Ramirez, CRISIL/Colegio Actuarial Mexicano
Nathalie Ramos, GALEA&ASSOCIES
Achim Regenauer, Partner Re
Falco Valkenburg, Chairperson AAE
Vanessa Warmbold-Jaquinet, German Association of Actuaries (DAV)
Jaqui Wassenaar, RGAX EMEA
Hans-Joachim Zwiesler, Ulm University


The Full Program:




Machine Learning  Robots  Communication  Language Processing  Predictive Modelling 
Finance Big Data  Stress Testing  Longevity  Actuarial Data Science  Actuarial Services 
Insurance  Skills  Pandemic  Profession  Mortality  Reporting  Evaluation  Risk Standards 
Statistics  Expertise  CPD  Applications  Psychology  Education  Actuaries






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