Sections Virtual Colloquium 2020: IAALS

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IAALS Session live on actuview | 13 May, 13.00–14.30 CEST    

  • Mortality Trends in Developed Countries: An Analysis of the Recent Deceleration in Mortality Improvement
    Steven Haberman (Cass Business School, UK)

  • Statistical Learning Methods for Mortality Data Correction in the Absence of Fertility Data
    Alexandre Boumezoued (Milliman, France)

  • Measuring Longevity Risk Through a Neural Network Lee-Carter Model
    Mario Marino (University of Rome, Italy)


IAALS Recorded Sessions | 13 May, from 9.00 CEST

Disability Income Claimant Rehabilitation and other Claim Interventions: Who Are the Selected Few; and Are these Claimants More Likely to Return to Work.
Landi Du Toit (University of Cape Town)

A Synthetic Model for Asset-Liability Management in Life Insurance, and Analysis of the SCR with the Standard Formula
Arturo Infante (AXA), Aurélien Alfonsi (UPMC), Adel Chenchali (Ponts Paritech)

The IAIS Global Frameworks for Supervision of IAIGs Including ComFrame, ICS 2.0 and the Holistic Framework in Japan, the United States, and the Rest of the World
Marc Slutzky (Milliman), Kenjiro Ito (Milliman)

Viability Analysis of Brazilian Market for Universal Life in Brazil
João Vinícius de França Carvalho (University of Sao Paulo), Mariana Ikeda (University of Sao Paulo)

Duration of Long-Term Care: Socio-Economic Drivers, Evolution and Type of Care Interactions
Michel Fuino (UNIL), Joël Wagner (UNIL)

Modeling Multi-Country Mortality Dependence by a Vine Copula
Masafumi Suzuki (PGF Life)

Mortality Forecasting with Wavelets
Donatien Hainaut (UC LOUVAIN)

Prospective Modelling of Temporary Disability Risk: Proposal for a Two-dimensional Model and Machine Learning Algorithms Combined Approach
(joint session with PBSS & AFIR-ERM)
Fatoumata Ndoye (Fixage)


Download the full IAALS program here.