Sections Virtual Colloquium 2020: PBSS

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PBSS Session live on actuview | 13 May, 15.00–16.30 CEST     

  • Role of the US National Academy of Social Insurance
    William J. Arnone (National Academy of Social Insurance, USA)

  • Actuarial Ideas to Mitigate the Global Pension Crisis
    Abraham Hernández (PBSS, Portugal)


PBSS Recorded Sessions | 13 May, from 9.00 CEST

Actuarial Practice Experience in Social Security Reform and Crisis Management
Eduardo Melinsky (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Measuring Adequacy and Facing Longevity Risk in Social Security
Raffaello Marcelloni (INAIL), Daniela Martini (INAIL)

Pension Accounting: Forecasts for the Company‘s Own Balance Sheet as well as Profit and Loss Accounting Based on Nested Stochastic Modelling
Ljudmila Bertschi (Member of Swiss Chamber of pension fund experts), Urs Barmettler (ETHZ), Mario Triulzi (ETHZ), Lionel Candaux (University Lausanne)

Global Developments in Pension Fund ESG Disclosures → What Pension Actuaries Need to Know
Paul Meins (Acturial Consultant), Tim Furlan (Russell Investments), Philip Shier (Society of Actuaries in Ireland)

In the South African Context, does increasing Member Choice and Flexibility Add Real Value to Employees
Michelle Acton (Old Mutual), Andrew Davison (Old Mutual)

A New Pension System in Brazil? An Evaluation of the Fiscal and Distributive Impacts of the 2019 Pension Reform Proposal
Luís Eduardo Afonso (University of Sao Paulo), João Vinícius de Franca Carvalho (University of Sao Paulo)

Towards an IAA-ILO-ISSA Joint Project on Workers’ Compensation Systems
Raffaello Marcelloni (INAIL)

Digitalization of Pension System in Mexico: Benefits and Implications
Juan Carmona (Universidad de Mexico), Jocelyn Griseld Alba Aellano (Scotiabank Mexico)

The Impact of Migration on Finnish Pension System Sustainability: Scenario Calculations
Tuija Nopola (Finnish Centre for Pensions)

Current Situation and Future Issues of Corporate Pension in Japan
Kenji Kusakabe (The Institute of Actuaries of Japan)

Towards a Phased Retirement System Whose Functionalities Foster an Increased Degree of Self-determination for the Individual without Jeopardizing the Sustainability of the Social Protection
Catherine Plessis (BEI)

Pension Reform and Innovation in Canada
Robert L. Brown (Retired)

Deferred Public Pension and Longevity Risk for a Household in Retirement
Norio Hibiki (Keio University), Masahiro Shibahara (Keio University)

The Great Pension Debate: Finding Common Ground
Robert L. Brown (Retired)

IAS19 Discount Rates in the Time of Covid-19
Peter Devlin (Deloitte)

Prospective Modelling of Temporary Disability Risk: Proposal for a Two-dimensional Model and Machine Learning Algorithms Combined Approach
(joint session with AFIR-ERM & IAALS)
Fatoumata Ndoye (Fixage)


Download the full PBSS program here.

All videos will be published on 13 May 2020.