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Pride 2022: Kaleidoscope of Allyship

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Every single human being is made up of a multitude of different layers; there is never only one thing that defines each of us; the world is filled with many colours and Allyship also has its own kaleidoscope.
This event will discuss what allyship means, how to practice effective allyship and why it is more crucial than ever to be an ally. As minorities continue to fight for equality, allyship is now more important than ever, not just during Pride Month but throughout the whole year.
Joining us for this event is Aifric Ní Chríodáin from ShoutOut, along with three fantastic panelists (from inside and outside of the profession) who will share their experiences with allyship and teach us what we can do to make the environment around us, either at home or in work, more inclusive for all.
The Society’s Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement outlines its commitment to creating and promoting an environment of diversity and inclusivity for all its current and aspiring members. This includes encouraging behaviours, processes and practices that create a culture promoting equality, diversity and inclusion for all members.

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