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What’s in Your Hands?

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It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the daily challenges we face as South Africans. We are faced with challenges at Eskom, in education, with our water supply and potholes in our roads, as well as corruption wherever we turn.

We often ask ourselves, “But what can we as ordinary citizens of this beautiful country do?” We would like to address this question in our session and hopefully challenge each and everyone in attendance to look for opportunities close to home where you can be the difference someone else is looking for.

This presentation is a follow-up to the session we had four years ago about the incredible story of Bonnievale’s rural community building the Jakes Gerwel Technical School and, in doing so, creating a blueprint for our country to build on.

SA3 has been instrumental throughout this process, and we will not only be sharing some updates on the school, but also share news about other actuaries who got involved and are now seeing miraculous happenings in their communities.

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