Access as a user

Accessing actuview is linked to being a member of one of the institutions participating in this actuarial platform initiative.

The list of partners especially includes the IAA Sections AFIR-ERM, ASTIN, IAAHS, IAALS, IACA and PBSS. Furthermore, these 34 national actuarial associations are Institutional Partners of actuview. If you are a member of one of these associations, please contact the corresponding offices to receive your personal registration code.

All members of the above mentioned institutions can access the actuview platform with hundreds of hours of actuarial content without any further cost. If you would like to access actuview and are not a member of one of the participating national assocations, you can easily become a member of one of the IAA sections by completing the online order form under the following link:


Please be aware that only members of AFIR-ERM, ASTIN, IAAHS, IAALS, IACA or PBSS will be able to access actuview. Once you are a member of one of these sections, you will receive an invitation to register for the platform via email. 


Access as an actuspeaker

All speakers providing content for actuview also get access to the full content uploaded in the corresponding year. When recorded at a conference, normally the speakers recieve their registration code from the event´s organizers. 

Regardless of this, actuaries and other experts can independently prepare a topic and publish it as a video on actuview. The technical implementation is possible in many ways, whereby the simplest possibility is the recording function of Microsoft Powerpoint.

If you would like to prepare a topic for actuview, please see here for more information.

As a published actuspeaker, you will get access to actuview as well.