Milliman is an independent consulting, benefits and technology firm. Our expert guidance and advanced analytical solutions empower leading insurers, healthcare companies and employers to protect the health and fina...

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  • "Macro, meso, micro: Practical experiences at all levels of parametric insurance" at the ICII 2020

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    This virtual session was hosted by the MicroInsurance Centre at Milliman ( and took place on 3 November, 2020 at the Munich Re Foundation's and Microinsurance Network's International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2020 Digi

  • Natural Language Processing Use Cases in the Insurance Industry

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    Deep learning has experienced strong growth over the last decade due to increasingly large data sets and progress in computing capacity. Even if underlying methods were already generalized in the field of computer vision, advances in Natural Language Proc

  • The IAIS Global Frameworks for Supervision of IAIGs Including ComFrame, ICS 2.0 and the Holistic Fra

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    In November 2019, the International Association of Insurance Supervisors adopted a Global Framework for the Supervision of Internationally Active Insurance Groups (IAIGs). This includes revisions to ComFrame including the Insurance Core Principles (ICPs),

  • "Cash Flow and Unpaid Claim Runoff Estimates Using Mack and Merz-Wüthrich Models"

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    For both Solvency II and IFRS 17 the actuary can use unpaid claim variability estimates for cash flows and the runoff of unpaid claims in addition to the more widely used accident year view of the unpaid claims. This paper is based on a review of the foun

  • Actuarial (R)evolutions

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    This paper presents how the IT and actuarial science have evolved in parallel since antiquity, and how the recent speed up of IT evolution could revolution actuarial science: is it today easier for an actuary to pick up machine learning than it is for a d

  • Transition under IFRS 17

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    IFRS 17 provides for existing insurance liabilities three methods to do the transition to this new accounting standard: a retrospective approach, a modified retrospective approach and a fair value approach. In an extensive case study by EFRAG, 30% of resp

  • Elements of narrow artificial intelligence in reserving

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    Reserving is one of the core businesses of the actuarial profession. For insurance companies, it represents major strategic and economic challenges and its practice is subject to ever more advanced developments. Standard claims reserves valuation techniqu

  • Non life pricing procedure on encrypted and anonymous data

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    The recent increase in the amount of data generated, stored and analyzed by insurers to establish their pricing and underwriting policies has led to the emergence of new needs. Both from a regulatory point of view, with the recent implementation in the Eu

  • IFRS 17 and actuaries - Does that square?

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    The new standard on IFRS 17 was introduced with a fanfare and with good intentions. A harmonized more transparent reporting for insurance companies which investors can understand. That sounds to good to be true. And it is. Living up to these expectations

  • Population Health Management - an international perspective

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    International health systems can vary considerably – each with its own peculiarities, intricacies and often its own language and terminology. This can lead to challenges for the portability of ideas making it harder for actuaries working in one heal

  • African Economic Basis Survey

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    The Holy Grail of objective valuation of assets and liabilities promised over recent decades remains lost for many operating in geographies without complete, deep and liquid markets. The maturity of financial and insurance markets varies across Africa, bu

  • Alternative funding models for high cost health technologies

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    Speakers: Didier Serre, Joanne Buckle High cost technologies, mostly targeting rare diseases and genetic disorders, are becoming a growing source of concern to public and private payers. The front-loaded budget impact of novel curative therapies, potentia

  • Improving actuarial communication

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    Speaker(s): Zachary Brown (Milliman) Insurance is a tremendously important industry full of intelligent and talented people. Many of them have amazing ideas that could revolutionize the way insurance companies help people manage risk in their lives. But c

  • Architecture of internal models

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    Speaker: Tigran Kalberer Many, especially large and international, insurance companies use internal models for risk measurement, e.g. under Solvency II. Internal models can reflect the risk profile of insurers more adequately than the standard formula and

  • Recovery and resolution plans in banking and insurance

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    Speaker(s): Bridget Macdonnell (Milliman), Monika Smatralova (Permanent Tsb) Have you ever wondered what options would be available to your company should it get into financial difficulty? Does your company have a ‘plan B’ and how practical an

  • New developments in insurance IT - industrialization of actuarial processes

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    Speaker(s): Patricia L. Renzi (Milliman)

  • Retirement Strategies

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    Speaker(s): Beatrice Male, Marie-Lise Tassoni (Milliman) The European retirement market is now home to a diverse and growing range of products designed to provide a regular income throughout retirement. These products provide different guarantees, differe

  • Daily solvency monitoring

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    Speaker(s): Michael Leitschkis, Russell Ward (Milliman) Insurers have made significant investments into their capital modelling capabilities in order to comply with the Solvency II requirements. Yet for a compliance exercise, this would be a very expensiv

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Milliman is an independent consulting, benefits and technology firm. Our expert guidance and advanced analytical solutions empower leading insurers, healthcare companies and employers to protect the health and financial well-being of people everywhere.
Every day, in countries across the globe, we collaborate with clients to improve healthcare systems, manage risk, and advance financial security, so millions of people can live for today and plan for tomorrow with greater confidence.

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