Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (NYSE: RGA) is one of the largest global life and health reinsurance companies. With headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, RGA supports clients and partners around the world through innovative approaches and customized solution...

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  • COVID-19 Mortality Rates by Age and Gender

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    COVID-19 appears to be much more fatal for men than women. Does the mortality difference vary by age? How does it compare to the well-established gender difference in all-cause mortality? Are there variations by country? This webcast highlights standardiz

  • Challenges of COVID-19 Mortality Data

    Added 3 218 Views

    COVID-19 mortality data presents several challenges, and it is difficult to compare data efficiently between different countries, particularly when there are issues with differences in data sources and formats, the availability and completeness of the dat

  • The Evolution of the Actuary in a World of Automated Machine Learning

    Added 2 299 Views

    Actuaries stand at the intersection of a vast expansion in the availability of data, an exponential increase in data storage capacity, and an acceleration in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). RGA's Jeff Heaton, Vice President, Data Scienc

  • Can We Leverage Our Tools to Save Lives?

    Added 1 295 Views

    Nearly 10 million suicidal actions are taken per year around the world, resulting in roughly 800,000 deaths. The numbers vary dramatically by country and by demographic characteristics. The rates over time change much more rapidly than do most medical cau

  • Long-Term and Indirect Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Added 1 558 Views

    As much of the world remains in the grips of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all continue to focus on containing and controlling the coronavirus. The catastrophic direct impact on mortality and morbidity must be brought to an end. Furthermore,

  • Economic and Behavioral Impacts of Covid-19: A South African Perspective

    Added 1 556 Views

    In this video, RGA South Africa’s Chief Pricing Actuary, Neil Parkin, will discuss COVID-19’s impact on the South African economy and its relationship with consumers’ mental health, credit, and interest in purchasing insurance. Highlight

  • Distributed Ledger and Insurance

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    As data shows, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will transform systems, platforms and applications at a significant rate over next few years. More specifically, the Banking Financial Services and Insurance industry is leading adoption1 with data privac

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights and Implications for Insurers

    Added 0 743 Views

    At the recent International Insurance Society (IIS) webinar, “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights and Implications for Insurers,” three leaders from RGA shared their views from different, yet integrated, perspectives to help insurers make sense of

  • The Importance of Developing a Data Strategy

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    Data and analytics can provide insurers with actionable business intelligence at multiple points across the value chain. But how should you get started, and how do you know which projects to focus on? In this video, we explore why having a single enterpri

  • What the World Will Look Like Post-COVID-19

    Added 4 1,323 Views

    In this video, Olav welcomes the attendees and introduces the session and speaker, Graeme Codrington. Graeme has been tracking the COVID-19 outbreak and will share patterns that are becoming evident in how the virus plays itself out as countries around th

  • Modeling Infectious Disease Outbreaks 2020

    Added 15 974 Views

    Speaker: Eric Westhus, Ph.D., Data Scientist, Global Research and Data Analytics, RGA Predictions around the duration and severity of the COVID-19 pandemic have dominated headlines around the world. In this video, Eric Westhus describes common approaches

  • Opioid Prescription History Analysis

    Added 0 914 Views

    Opioids have received a lot of attention in the media due to the consistent rise in overdose fatalities since the mid-2000s. In this video, Nick Kocisak discusses the results of RGA’s analysis on the relationship between prescription opioid use and

  • Opioid Mortality Trends

    Added 2 1,005 Views

    Opioid abuse and misuse are an emerging concern to society as well as insurers. In this video, Vincent Prange discusses RGA’s data-driven analysis, exploring key relationships between socioeconomic attributes and opioid related mortality. Through th

  • Strategic Uses of Reinsurance

    Added 3 963 Views

    In this video, RGA’s Erik Pronovost discusses the challenges that life and health insurance insurers are facing, and opportunities to use reinsurance to lower risk and improve financial performance. He describes several scenarios in which reinsuranc

  • Increased Urbanization and Its Impact on Life Insurance

    Added 2 368 Views

    It is estimated that by 2050, nearly 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. Anticipated benefits of city life include cultural diversity, improved infrastructure, easier access to cutting-edge technology, jobs, and public health services

  • Managing Disruption Through Structured Innovation

    Added 1 542 Views

    The insurance industry is changing rapidly and established firms are seeking tools that will help them take advantage of emerging opportunities while they adapt to disruptive forces affecting the industry. RGAX has combined best practices in the field of

  • What’s the Future for Exclusions in Life Insurance?

    Added 3 582 Views

    In this video, RGA's Peter Barrett, Senior Vice President and Head of GST Underwriting, Claims and Medical Support, discusses insurers’ use of policy exclusions, including their impact on risk management today, and their potential role in the future

  • AAC 2019 Opening Speech by Tony Cheng

    Added 1 648 Views

    5:00Tony Cheng, FIAA, Executive Vice President, Head of Asia RGA, welcomes the participants at AAC 2019 in Singapore.

  • CI Insurance for the (Once) Uninsurable - Diabetics

    Added 1 256 Views

    This session aims to share the findings from Voice of Customers (VOC) and Voice of Distributors (VOD), diabetes management program, as well as the product design of CI products for the diabetics in Singapore.

  • Insights of Ageing Policies in a Few Super-Aged Countries – Be Responsive to Secure the ...

    Added 0 269 Views

    This presentation compares and contrasts the public policies and plans for ageing in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Insights on the ageing culture of the countries of interest, and ageing practices, policies and plans at the individual, community, and na

  • Chess and Underwriting

    Added 2 708 Views

    Speaker: Jeff Heaton, Ph.D., FLMI, Vice President, Data Science, RGA In this video, RGA’s Jeff Heaton discusses advances in AI that have been applied by Google to master the game of chess using simulated data, and how this technology can support lif

  • Liquid Biopsies: Fact, Fiction, or Both?

    Added 2 434 Views

    In this short video, RGA’s Dr. Daniel Zimmerman discusses the rapidly developing technology of liquid biopsies. He defines what they are, what impact they will likely have on clinical medicine, and how they might impact insurers.

  • Lifestyle-Related Mortality

    Added 6 429 Views

    Premature deaths and chronic conditions continue to grow worldwide. In order to reduce these early deaths, it is important to understand how lifestyle behaviors influence health outcomes. In this webcast, Julianne Callaway explains the impact of physical

  • Behavioural Economics

    Added 4 640 Views

    Behavioral science helps insurers create products, policies and communications based on how people really do think and behave rather than how we think they should think and behave. In this webcast, Matt Battersby explains the key principles of behavioral

  • Predictive Analytics in Life Insurance - How to Get Real Results

    Added 1 521 Views

    There are several pitfalls to avoid in predictive modeling. One common mistake, “overfitting,” yields optimistic model results that will not replicate. In this webcast, RGA’s Rosmery Cruz describes what causes overfitting, and suggests s

  • Genetics and Risks of Anti-selection

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    RGA webcast series | part 4/4 Peter Banthorpe, Global Head of Research and Data Analytics at RGA, discusses the results of RGA’s research study with King’s College London and the implications for genetic anti-selection in protection insurance.

  • RGA Research Collaboration with King’s College London

    Added 1 395 Views

    RGA webcast series | part 3/4 Professor Cathryn Lewis, from King’s College London, outlines details of a research collaboration with RGA investigating the importance of genetic information to predict morbidity and mortality outcomes. Professor Lewis

  • Genetic Risk to Disease and Polygenic Risk Scores

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    RGA webcast series | part 2/4 Dr Richard Russell, Lead Health Data Scientist at RGA, explores the latest genetics research concerning human susceptibility to disease and examines the pertinent question: can genetic information transform clinical risk asse

  • Use of Genetics in Insurance and Growing Opportunities for Anti-Selection

    Added 1 587 Views

    RGA webcast series | part 1/4 In this first in a series of four webcasts, Peter Banthorpe, Global Head of Research and Data Analytics at RGA, discusses the huge growth in direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing, regulatory policies to control genetic dis

  • RGA - actuview Introductory Video

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    RGA's Klaus Mattar discusses RGA's commitment to supporting the advancement of the actuarial profession, and the company's decision to sponsor actuview. The introduction includes a preview of RGA insights that will be shared thoughout 2019.

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Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (NYSE: RGA) is one of the largest global life and health reinsurance companies. With headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, RGA supports clients and partners around the world through innovative approaches and customized solutions.

  • We are the only global reinsurance company to focus primarily on life- and health-related reinsurance solutions.
  • Our core products and services include life reinsurance, living benefits reinsurance, group reinsurance, health reinsurance, financial solutions, facultative underwriting, and product development.
  • RGA ranks #234 on the 2018 Fortune 500 list. The list ranks U.S.-based companies by total revenue.
  • As of December 31, 2018, RGA had approximately $3.3 trillion of life reinsurance in force and assets of $64.5 billion

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