Media Diversity of Thought - Episode 8 | Actuaries: Reach out!

Diversity of Thought - Episode 8 | Actuaries: Reach out!

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For Everyone who wants to:

  • BUILD Capacity so systems can better cope
  • MOVE into a higher gear
  • STEP UP from Concept to Application
  • TRANSFER your actuarial skills to other industries
  • SEE new places for actuarial proficiency
  • GAIN power relevant to people and crises
  • OPEN doors in tourism, healthcare, education, telecommunications, mining, energy and so on...…...

Where can your actuarial expertise take you?
Lesley Traverso, Talent Insights, Australia: An experienced international actuarial recruiter, will present some interesting case studies for discussion about actuaries in different parts of the world who have enjoyed diverse careers. She was our opening speaker for Episode 1 at the Berlin Congress in 2018
Glennfor Hellement, an actuary from Curaçao and a CAA Board member, describes the Caribbean landscape: the distribution of actuaries, the main industries and economic activity so our audience can relate to the gaps waiting for actuaries to fill.
Jules Gribble is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia and has been involved with actuarial education and capacity building for over 20 years.  He has taught actuarial courses at the University of Melbourne, delivered many training programs for supervisors, and published papers on actuarial education and CPD.  Jules has over 30 years experience, consulting in Australia and recently been with the IAIS in Switzerland for 6 years.  
Stokeley Smart, H.B.Sc., LL.B, FSA, CERA, PRM, Senior Lecturer , The University of The West Indies, Trinidad gives us insight as graduates  make their way in other industries as the numbers entering the workforce each year are far in excess of the traditional actuarial vacancies.
Cathy Lyn, CAA, Jamaica: Will moderate, show how the Diversity of Thought Series develops a stronger and sustainable profession relevant to the communities we serve and provide a forum for deeper discussion where actuaries are having greater reach.




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see main industries in the Caribbean needing actuarial skills for development.
see video
call for actuarial input.


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Transfer actuarial skills to industries other than insurance and improve economic activity.