Media Emerging Risks: Life Actuaries CROs

Emerging Risks: Life Actuaries CROs

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Anani Olympio - Anticipating emerging risks and implementing an effective risk management system are major challenges for our profession/activities 

  • Uncertainties affects almost all areas (political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legislative)

 In order to assess the limits of insurability by 2035, we conducted a foresight study on these risks with original approach 

  • Over 200 experts consulted from different sectors (researchers, actuaries and risk managers / insurers, reinsurers, brokers, bankers, asset managers, consulting firms, ...)
  • Rigorous foresight analysis, enterprise risk management and actuarial method
  • Focus on risks for individuals (rather than for companies or organizations)
  • Analysis of major trends, proposal of specifics emerging risks hypotheses and systemic emerging risk scenarios 

Jorge Luis López Araiza - Climate Change

  • Sea level will rise
  • Food crisis
  • More droughts and heat waves
  • Hurricanes will be stronger and more intense
  • Viruses and bacteria that thrive in other environments

 Richard Treagus - Contents

  • Macroeconomic Downturn
  • Socio-Political Risk
  • Climate Change & Impact on African Regions
  • Cyber Risk
  • Increased & Changing Competition
  • People Risk
  • Insurance Risks



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