Media Impact of Covid-19 in the Insurance Sector

Impact of Covid-19 in the Insurance Sector

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For more than a year, the world has lived through a situation of pandemic in which there have been impacts on all spheres of life and economics. The world of insurance is not alien to this situation and has also suffered the impact, in some cases very deeply. In the presentation, we will talk about how the situation has affected the different lines of business at different levels; in commercial activity, in severity, on underwriting and, of course, at the level of control and assessment of risks. Not only will it focus on what has happened during the pandemic period but also on what is the possible future impact given first the consequences suffered and second the foreseeable change in habits, behaviours, coverages, etc. in insurance. We will try to discern what the possible strategies of the different actors in the market can be facing this new framework. The analysis will group around the main LoBs of insurance; Auto, health, life, disease, household and commercial, since the impact has been unequal among them, therefore also facing different situations that are worth analysing individually.

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