Media Measures Taken in some EU Countries to Contrast COVID-19

Measures Taken in some EU Countries to Contrast COVID-19

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Measures taken in some EU countries to contrast COVID-19, and effects on the Italien workers' compensation system
The Covid-19 pandemic affected hard the labour markets not only from the point of view of the health of workers but also because of the closure of so many industrial and commercial enterprises.
As a result, also the workers’ protection systems were deeply involved in an unprecedented crisis.
In the first part of this work, will be outlined the main features of the restrictive measures adopted during the first lockdown of spring 2020 in some European and non-European countries (Italy, Azerbaijan, Belgium, United Kingdom). The relative contagion curves will be compared trying to read the different effects as the lockdown progressed.
In such a scenario one of the most difficult activity to carry on in order to have a quick and detailed knowledge of the new circumstances was how to collect specific Covid-19 related data on the population as a whole and on the population of injured workers.
A focus on some techniques on how to collect, read and adjust this data both at national and at international level is described with a greater attention to the Italian experience on how to manage and follow up some features of the population of injured workers during the peaks of the spread.
The second part will be dedicated to an in-depth study on the effects of Covid-19 in the field of accidents at work in Italy by comparing the 2020 data with those of previous years, trying to understand the sectors that have been most affected by the effects of the pandemic and the lockdown.

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