Media One-year and Ultimate Reserve Risk in Mask Chain Ladder Model

One-year and Ultimate Reserve Risk in Mask Chain Ladder Model

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We investigate the relation between one-year reserve risk and ultimate reserve risk in Mack Chain Ladder model in a simulation study. The first goal is to validate the socalled linear emergence pattern formula, which maps the ultimate loss to the one-year loss, in case when we measure the risks with Value-at-Risk. The second goal is to estimate the true emergence pattern of the ultimate loss, i.e. the conditional distribution of the one-year loss given the ultimate loss, from which we can properly derive a risk measure for the one-year horizon from the simulations of ultimate losses. Finally, our third goal is to test if classical actuarial distributions can be used for modelling of the outstanding loss from the ultimate and the oneyear perspective. In our simulation study we investigate several synthetic loss triangles with various duration of the claims development process, volatility, skewness and distributional assumptions of the individual development factors.

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