Media Reframing Unconscious Bias: Understanding Bias in Decision Making

Reframing Unconscious Bias: Understanding Bias in Decision Making

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Much of the discussion around Unconscious Bias (UB) is about identifying our biases and interrupting them. We do not think that this is possible, let alone probable. So, where does this leave the conversation around UB in organisations. Well, for us, all organisations (even 2-person shows) are comprised of decisions made on previous decisions that affect future decisions. As such, understanding decision making, and what information we use and dont use, is INCREDIBLY important. The more information we use in decision-making, the better the quality of that decision. In this presentation, we unpack how bias crowds out information, or includes types of information erroneously, that affects the quality of our decisions. We unpack two factors that influence decision making in organisations: our personal decision-making matrix (what we find safe, familiar, valuable and likable) and then the systemic (or organisational) decision-making matrix (what the organisation sees as safe, familiar, valuable and likable). We unpack how our history of exclusion influences our respective decision-making matrices and how in order to make better decisions, it is not about removing our bias, but allowing spaces for more information to enter the decision making process.

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202 Days ago

Loved the entinsity of this talk and the stream of consciousness delivery. It is very appropriate.