Media The Return of the JEDI - What does DEI mean for the Caribbean?

The Return of the JEDI - What does DEI mean for the Caribbean?

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The world exploded when George Floyd died, and it was finally and irrevocably evident that race remains a hotbed issue in this world. As the President of Northern New Hampshire University says, “The world distributes talent evenly, but the world does not distribute opportunity evenly.” How can we get young, gifted, talented young people of color the opportunities they deserve? These three panelists discuss the various DEI efforts at their companies and their volunteer work, and how they see the emergence of opportunity.


1. Is DEI an issue in the Caribbean?

2. If so, what does DEI mean in the Caribbean vs. outside of the Caribbean?

3. “Education and awareness” is code for doing nothing. What are your four main principles of DEI?

4. What specific actions have you/your company implemented to advance DEI at your firm?

5. What are your personal (not professional) hopes for DEI at your company and country?

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