actuview Events


Second RGA Knowledge Day

2021 Dec. 08 – 2021 Dec. 08

Leveraging RGA’s global leadership in life and health reinsurance, this year’s Knowledge Day event includes an exciting lineup of presentations focused on trends, risks and opportunities in life insurance, wellness and corporate responsibility. Insights packed into eight webinars will uncover key emerging trends and their potential impact on insurers, consumer health and the broader market.

AAE Roundtable on Solvency II Review

2021 Nov. 30 – 2021 Nov. 30

The AAE Roundtable invites internal and external stakeholder of the European actuarial profession to discuss current topics. This episode will focus on upcoming challenges arising from changes in the regulatory framework as a result of the Solvency II review as well as from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. A wholesale approach of covering the costs of pandemia-like phenomena will be too expensive – but if things are well-managed, insurance can take care of residual risks/costs. Against this background, the panel will discuss the arising expectations towards insurers and actuaries.

DAV/DGVFM Autumn Meeting 2021

2021 Nov. 15 – 2021 Nov. 16

For the first time in DAV/DGVFM history, their joint Autumn Meeting 2021 was held in a hybrid format with on-site presentations in the Liederhalle in Stuttgart that were also livestreamed as well as a great selection of online-only live sessions. All in all 40+ speakers gave their insights to an audience of more than 1,000 German actuaries. From 3 January 2022 the majority of the sessions will be available to all actuview users.

7th Ulm Actuarial Day

2021 Nov. 11 – 2021 Nov. 11

With the University of Ulm and the ifa Ulm, Ulm is an internationally leading center in actuarial science and its applications with a high degree of integration of education/training, research and its application. Now for the 7th Ulm Actuarial Day the University of Ulm and the ifa Ulm Ulm Actuarial Day in collaboration with TU Kaiserslautern and Fraunhofer ITWM are presenting 8 in-depth presentations on different topics of the actuarial sciences.

XIII Congresso Nazionale Attuari

2021 Nov. 10 – 2021 Nov. 12

In November the two Italian actuarial associations Ordine Nazionale Degli Attuari and Consiglio Nazionale Degli Attuari are hosting their 13th national congress in hybrid form in Rome providing simultaneous physical presence, and online connections for each session. On 11 November, there will also there will be an English program with three international sessions exclusively livestreamed here on actuview!


2021 Oct. 19 – 2021 Oct. 22

Following the success of the 2020 edition, the 48th Convention of the Actuarial Society of South Africa once again took place on a virtual platform. The Virtual Convention was presented in three streams where presentations showed in each concurrent session with time allocated for presenters to answer questions live after their presentations. Workshops and panel discussions were presented live to ensure maximum interaction. Now you can find many of the sessions here on actuview!

DGVFM CPD Days 2021

2021 Oct. 14 – 2021 Oct. 14

The German Society for Insurance and Financial Mathematics (DGVFM) has been organizing CPD Days for actuaries in Germany for several years. The aim of the training days is to present complex, current actuarial topics to a broader audience. Since 2019 the presentations are published as recorded sessions here on actuview. This year both workshops in March and October were organized as online-only events.

24th International Congress on Insurance: Mathematics and Economics (IME)

2021 Jul. 05 – 2021 Jul. 09

Despite the difficult time of ongoing pandemic, the global actuarial community is united as one to celebrate the resilience of the community to overcome the hardship and the resurgence of academic creativity. All researchers, practitioners, and students are cordially invited to join us to recognize the past, celebrate the present, and envision a united future. This very first virtual IME international congress is jointly hosted by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the Pennsylvania State University in the United States, Ulm University in Germany, and the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) in Australia with the motto "United As One".

2021 NAS Virtual Conference

2021 Jun. 30 – 2021 Jun. 30

In June, the Nigerian Actuarial Society (NAS) has held their 2021 NAS Virtual Conference. The full program of 12 sessions are now available here on actuview.

e-Conference on Data Science & Data Ethics 2021

2021 Jun. 29 – 2021 Jun. 29

The actuarial focus has changed significantly over the last couple of years. Computational power is increasing with exponential growth, in addition more and more data is available. This combination puts the actuarial profession into a position where a new understanding has to be developed on today‘s possibilities of actuarial science and its ethical implications. The EAA is delighted to offer all interested actuaries and other experts a forum for knowledge exchange: On 29 June 2021, the second EAA e-Conference on "Data Science & Data Ethics" will take place live and virtually. The programme will combine keynote speeches with food for thought from well-known experts and selected talks from professionals.