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DGVFM 75 Year Anniversary

2023 Jun. 22 – 2023 Jun. 22

The German Society for Actuarial and Financial Mathematics will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2023. For this occasion, the German actuaries plan numerous events, activities and new formats. Have a look!

Baltic Actuarial Summit 2023: IFRS 17 Implementation and Lessons Learned

2023 Jun. 07 – 2023 Jun. 07

The first Baltic Actuarial Summit 2023 will be hosted by the actuarial associations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on June 7 in Vilnius. The event will focus on the implementation of IFRS 17 and lessons learned will be discussed. The event is organized in cooperation with PZU Group, EY and AAE, the presenters have extensive experience in the area and the selected topics cover theoretical and practical aspects of IFRS 17 implementation.

Young Actuaries World Cup 2023

2023 May 28 – 2023 May 28

The International Actuarial Association (IAA) in corporation with actuview has launched a global competition targeting young actuaries, and actuarial students under the age of 35. The contest, Young Actuaries World Cup Competitions (YAWC) is steered by the theme "Bridge to Tomorrow" with the focus on Diversity and Inclusion agendas.

International Congress of Actuaries 2023

2023 May 28 – 2023 Jun. 01

The International Congress of Actuaries 2023 in Sydney, Australia, will be the next actuarial profession’s premium global event at the International Convention Centre, Sydney. It will be jam packed with bold plenary and concurrent sessions and will shape the worldwide actuarial profession.

EAA e-Conference on Data Science & Data Ethics 2023

2023 May 16 – 2023 May 16

The actuarial focus has changed significantly over the last couple of years. Computational power is increasing with exponential growth, in addition more and more data is available. This combination puts the actuarial profession into a position where a new understanding has to be developed on today‘s possibilities of actuarial science and its ethical implications. The new role of actuaries within big data and ongoing digitalisation is not yet fully defined. Best practice experience sharing and exchange of ideas is needed. The EAA is delighted to offer all interested actuaries and other experts a forum for knowledge exchange: On 16 May 2023, the fourth virtual EAA e-Conference on "Data Science & Data Ethics" will take place. The programme will combine keynote speeches with food for thought from well-known experts and selected talks from professionals through a call for papers.

DAV/DGVFM Annual Meeting 2023

2023 Apr. 26 – 2023 Apr. 28

The latest hybrid Annual Meeting of DAV and DGVFM turned out to be the biggest event for German actuaries in history. More than 700 experts travelled to beautiful Dresden with another 1,500 viewers followed the talks and presentations online. The three-day program featured the sections Actuarial Data Science, AFIR/ERM, ASTIN, LIFE, HEALTH, Housing and PENSIONS with 30+ presentations as well as two high-class plenary sessions on Climate Risks and the German pensions system.

DGVFM CPD Days 2023

2023 Mar. 28 – 2023 Mar. 28

The German Society for Insurance and Financial Mathematics (DGVFM) is a professional mathematical society of experts working in Germany in the fields of insurance, financial mathematics as well as qualitative risk management. The CPD Day is a program of the DGVFM in which experts are invited to give talks on different actuarial and non-actuarial subjects.

EAA Days 2023

2023 Jan. 23 – 2023 Jan. 25

From January 23 to 25, the EAA – European Actuarial Academy GmbH will present a follow-up edition of its EAA Weeks: the EAA Days 2023. During these days, the EAA will present 3 high-profile webcasts on current actuarial topics.


32nd Annual Conference of the Caribbean Actuarial Association

2022 Dec. 07 – 2022 Dec. 09

The role of the actuary is ever evolving. Actuaries have always played a pivotal role in industries such as life, health and general insurance; reinsurance; pensions; social security; and investments. With progression in regulation, technology, modelling, science and global trends, actuaries have had to pivot in their existing roles and also embrace the emerging roles and new industries in which to practice. The 32nd Annual Caribbean Actuarial Association Conference, was held at the Hilton Resort in Barbados from December 7–9, for actuaries and professionals across the globe to experience the evolution of the actuary.

DAV/DGVFM Autumn Meeting 2022

2022 Nov. 14 – 2022 Nov. 15

The second largest actuarial conference in Germany, the Autumn Meeting of DAV and DGVFM in November, focussed on a diverse program of presentations for the sections LIFE, HEALTH, ASTIN, AFIR/ERM and Actuarial Data Science. Now all 31 sessions from the conference are exclusively available to actuview users.