Media Biodiversity and Nature Related Risks for Actuaries: An Introduction

Biodiversity and Nature Related Risks for Actuaries: An Introduction

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This is an introduction to biodiversity and nature related risks for actuaries in all fields of work.
The report prepared, entitled ‘Biodiversity & Nature Related Risks for Actuaries: An Introduction’, covers:

  • Key terms, an overview of the current scientific consensus and outlines the international policy response
  • The benefits humans obtain from biodiversity and nature
  • The main human activities that drive biodiversity and nature loss
  • Implications for actuaries, including interactions with other sustainability topics and economic impacts
  • Reputational considerations, followed by an overview of both mandatory and voluntary financial services industry initiatives

To read the full report, please see: biodiversity-and-nature-related-risks-for-actuaries-an-introduction.pdf.
Biographical details:

Lucy Saye is the immediate past chair of the IFoA sustainability board and author of "Biodiversity and Nature related risks for actuaries: An Introduction". Her actuarial work spans traditional life insurance as well as sustainability specific topics including climate scenarios, disclosures and risk management. 

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