Media Diversity of Thought - Episode 13 | Embracing Difference Without Discomfort

Diversity of Thought - Episode 13 | Embracing Difference Without Discomfort

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We are all aware of the critical role Diversity and Inclusion plays in decision making, and many organisations are putting in a great deal of effort to ensure that everyone receives equal opportunities. 

However, as we found out when we did the first of these series of D and I workshops at the 2018 ICA in Berlin, there is quite a lot to unpack and absorb once you start delving into how different people approach and react to varied situations.  How we each respond to others and why we hold the views and potential biases that we do (whether conscious or unconscious) is a result of our life experiences to date, the influence of our families, cultures and others we have met along the way.  

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we feel we should have spoken or should not have spoken out.  These feelings spark discomfort and regrets. To ensure diversity AND inclusion is positive, effective and all-encompassing in the workplace and organizations it is good to explore some of these uncomfortable feelings in a safe environment and learn some tools of how you can tackle them in the real world. Our workshop is focused on exploring what those tools are, how you can interact with those whom you feel are very different from you, how you can “call out” instances of injustice that you see in a positive and empowering way.  

For this interactive workshop, Cathy Lyn, Lesley Traverso and Marjorie Ngwenya are joined by Tonya Manning and Mitesh Sheth.

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Diversity of Thought World Series third Workshop in Sydney coming up 28 May 2023, The last two were at the 2018 Berlin Congress and this one at Convention A.