Media Innovative Retirement Products – the Consumer’s Perspective

Innovative Retirement Products – the Consumer’s Perspective

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This Ulm Actuarial Session is organized jointly by Ulm University and the Institute of Finance and Actuarial Science (ifa). In this session we will present new ideas and innovative methods for retirement products – both from a consumer’s as well as from a provider’s perspective. Ulm is an internationally renowned center for actuarial science with Ulm University on 3rd rank worldwide among all Non-Business Schools* and ifa being a leading actuarial consultancy.  *current university ranking by the University of Nebraska - Lincoln  

On the Demand for Tontine-Linked Products 

(Prof. Dr. An Chen, Ulm University) 

Innovative Products for the Retirement Phase 

(Dr. Alexander Kling, ifa)  

Guarantees in Retirement Planning: How can we help consumers to want what they need 

(Prof. Dr. Jochen Ruß, ifa / Dr. Stefan Schelling, Ulm University)

Stochastic Mortality Models 

(Prof. Dr. Mitja Stadje, Ulm University)

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