Media Long Term Drivers of Future Mortality

Long Term Drivers of Future Mortality

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Future mortality is difficult to predict. This session will explain how to use our paper entitled “Long Term Drivers of Future Mortality” to help individuals better understand and predict future mortality.

The paper is structured into nine key drivers of mortality, as well as many sub-drivers. Overlaps between the drivers, as well as positive and negative impacts of these drivers, are also discussed in the paper. Examples of these will be discussed in this session.

Quantification of overall projected future mortality is left to the reader, because each situation is unique. This session will discuss the considerations in making these decisions.

Finally, our opinions on the short- and long-term direction of each driver are discussed in the paper, and examples will be provided in the session.

Attendees will leave the presentation with a better idea of what is in the paper, and how to utilize it to better help them to predict future mortality.

Find the Q&A here: Q&A on 'Long Term Drivers of Mortality'

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