Media Mindful Actuary - "Happiness in this Moment"

Mindful Actuary - "Happiness in this Moment"

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Actuaries are using their brain and mind very much and from the day that someone start of thinking to become an actuary. From the start of the actuarial exams till you become a qualified actuary and thereafter, working in this profession whatever industry, throughout their lifetime. Whether they are working for a company, freelancing, or consulting … they keep on using their brain/mind heavily, to analyse the data around them to provide financial solutions to their customers. The use of brain/ mind for actuaries are very much excessive compared to other jobs … and sometimes we might not be able to find a time that to think beyond this mind activity and be mindful. 

Actuaries are expected be conscious about the work that they do as the numbers they are dealing with are very much sensitive as well as the use of these numbers should be precise and accurate. But sometimes, we tend to keep on thinking rather than taking a break not to think for a moment… and most of us do not understand or realize, taking a break and being mindful can increase the capacity of the mind and make you to do more creative thinking rather than stuck in to one place or one activity. 

Mindfulness is a hot topic that many around the world are discussing and practising right now.

The mind will focus to this moment to feel the awareness of where you are now and what you are doing right now. That will allow the mind to relax and energise you to complete your task much more efficiently and creatively. There are many techniques that someone can practise mindfulness in day-to-day life and use it to enhance the quality of the professional and personal life.

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