Media Overcoming Adversity – An Interview with Colin Judge, Paralympian

Overcoming Adversity – An Interview with Colin Judge, Paralympian

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Colin Judge is a Paralympian and former Actuarial Analyst who will share his story of overcoming adversity in order to inspire others to push their limits and become the best version of themselves.
Colin will be interviewed by Niall Cornyn, student actuary and professional triathlete.
Colin Judge is constantly defying the odds. Despite being born with no legs and one arm, Colin is a Paralympic Table Tennis Player and Motivational Speaker.  He had a happy childhood and overcame numerous obstacles thrown in his way. His parents always encouraged him to be as independent as possible.  However, his teenaged years were a different story. He struggled to cope with his disability, he had no confidence in himself and hit rock bottom. He knew that he needed to improve his situation and channel his energies into something different. 
When he discovered table tennis everything changed. He started to accept himself for who he was and began to excel in all areas of his life.  He made his international debut four years later while studying for his Leaving Cert. He achieved his first choice course - Actuarial and Financial Studies at UCD shortly after and graduated with a 2:1 degree.  He worked as a trainee actuary for two years at KPMG and then went on sabbatical in 2019 in order to chase his Paralympic dream. 
Colin is the current European Champion, 6x Irish National Champion and has won numerous international titles around the world. He represented Ireland at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

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