Media The Evolution of the Actuarial Profession into Real World Problem Solvers

The Evolution of the Actuarial Profession into Real World Problem Solvers

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The complex issues faced by life insurers are requiring new and unique combinations of skills. Data and analytics are being unleashed to create new opportunities for companies and challenge our existing approaches to just about everything. To realize maximum benefit of new techniques and solutions, companies must bring together big data capabilities, evolving external data assets and many highly technical disciplines in the most effective way possible. This includes actuaries, data scientists, behavioral scientists, underwriters, medical teams, data engineers, and much more. Many individuals with multiple skillsets are emerging and this will likely accelerate the adoption of analytics solutions. This new breed of analytics actuaries and other “hybrid-talent” individuals will help ensure models are fit-for-purpose and used appropriately to solve real world challenges. Ultimately the result should be data and analytic solutions that deliver more impactful results for our organizations.
Scott Rushing will the new opportunities and new solutions that actuaries are developing that are scalable, timely and cost effective.
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