Media Update on Actuarial Density and Actuarial Penetration

Update on Actuarial Density and Actuarial Penetration

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Actuarial density and actuarial penetration are measures that can provide useful insights in study of the actuarial profession in countries, regions, or actuarial associations around the world. A critical component of the measures is the count of actuaries, which is then related to certain bases. Previous analyses of actuarial density and penetration have used the concept of “fully qualified actuary (FQA)” as the count, but the International Actuarial Association (IAA) is now collecting data and relying on a more inclusive measure, “member with an actuarial credential (MWAC)” for some of its organizational purposes. Besides the change in definition, there has been more than 30% growth in the number of “full member associations (FMAs)” of the IAA in the last decade. The current analysis updates previous analysis by the authors using MWAC rather than FQA and provides comparison where possible and explanatory.

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