Media Insurance Digital Innovation and Practice in China

Insurance Digital Innovation and Practice in China

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At present, China's insurtech development is at an unbalanced stage. There are both highly digital and intelligent companies and companies that are still traditionally insured. 

This also means that technology has great opportunities to narrow the gap between these companies. Under the general trend of digitalization in various industries in China, the "14th Five-Year Plan for Insurance Technology" clearly stated that the insurance industry should develop towards digitalization and intelligence. The plan calls for an average increase of more than 15% in key business indicators such as online product rate, online customer rate, and underwriting automation rate in 2025, and digital investment triples. 

This speech mainly discusses scenarios and opportunities and practices of digital innovation, including the innovative application of big data, artificial intelligence, RPA and other technologies in the digitalization of China's insurance industry, as well as the release of SaaS on no-code platform products, and data-driven risk control pricing SaaS. platform etc. 

At the same time, this speech will share the case practice of digital employer liability insurance that has won the Harvard Business Review (Ram Charan)Award for Management Practice. 


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