Media Reinsurance under IFRS17 for Life & Health

Reinsurance under IFRS17 for Life & Health

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2022 is the first year of full application of the new IFRS17 standard. Insurers are now fully engaged in implementation. The focus of the preparations has been on Insurance Contracts Issued whilst the treatment of Reinsurance Held has not received much attention. In this web session we provide insights into the treatment of reinsurance of long-term contracts in the fields of Life, Disability and Health insurance. Using examples we will give participants a hands-on experience of how IFRS 17 changes the presentation of reinsurance in the financial statements.

We will start out with general concepts for the presentation of Reinsurance Held under IFRS17. Next, we will move on to practical examples of various types of reinsurance solutions. For long-term Life, Disability and Health business we will cover examples of both proportional and non-proportional reinsurance. Furthermore, we will shed light on the treatment of cash and non-cash financings. To conclude this session we will make a comparison with the previous treatment under IFRS4 and analyse mismatches between Insurance Contracts Issued and Reinsurance Held. 

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