Media SAI President’s Conference 2022 - "Megatrends: Shaping our Future"

SAI President’s Conference 2022 - "Megatrends: Shaping our Future"

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The world in which we live and work is constantly evolving. The primary forces driving change fall under the broad themes of technology, demographics, globalisation and the environment. The Conference, titled “Megatrends: Shaping Our Future”, will explore current and possible future interactions between these primary forces, in the form of megatrends, and the potential impacts on the role of actuaries, the sectors in which we work and society as a whole.
Our speaker and panellists are experienced practitioners within the insurance, investment, pensions and banking sectors and are well-positioned to brief the Conference on current developments while also providing valuable insights on the future. In the attached note, our speaker, James Maher, sets out some thoughts that will be explored on the day. The panel discussion will be moderated by our President, Sheelagh Malin.

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